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June 28, 2019

US’ AI Ethics Debate: Overcoming Barriers in Government and Tech Sector

By Megan Lamberth

In a period of rapid advancement in artificial intelligence and machine learning, policymakers and private sector leaders are recognizing the need for ethics and norms building in artificial intelligence (AI). And while the US government and tech sector have independently made strides incorporating ethical principles into the development of AI systems, the absence of a shared language and culture between government and industry has impeded meaningful, ongoing debate.

Policymakers and private sector leaders are recognizing the need for ethics and norms building in artificial intelligence (AI).

Tech companies have struggled to transition from drafting AI ethical frameworks to actually implementing them, an issue exacerbated by a lack of accountability in the companies internally, as well as a lack of oversight from the US Congress. Ensuring the right ethical principles are built into AI systems is no easy feat. And if the US government and tech sector want to advance the conversation on AI ethics from written charters to tangible actions, they must work through these complex ethical questions together.

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