September 15, 2020

Apple announces new products amid Epic fight, plus the latest on TikTok: CNBC After Hours

By Kara Frederick

As President Trump prepares to review Oracle’s proposal to partner with TikTok, international security experts Kara Frederick and Bobby Chesney explain the national security risks that still remain.

Watch the full interview on CNBC's After Hours.

  • Commentary
    • September 10, 2020
    Designing a U.S. Digital Development Strategy

    The digital choices that U.S. allies and partners make today will play a critical role in shaping the future of U.S. national security....

    By Siddharth Mohandas, Kristine Lee, Joshua Fitt & ​Coby Goldberg

  • Video
    • September 4, 2020
    Facebook to ban new political ads in week leading up to the election

    Reaction from Kara Frederick, fellow at the Technology and National Security Program of The Center for a New American Security. Watch the full conversation on Fox and Friends ...

    By Kara Frederick

  • Reports
    • September 3, 2020
    The Razor’s Edge: Liberalizing the Digital Surveillance Ecosystem

    Democracies must resist the impulses to build permanent digital surveillance infrastructures or risk losing a broader global contest between open societies and repressive regi...

    By Kara Frederick

  • Video
    • August 26, 2020
    Digital Dictators

    The rise of digital technology initially ushered in a wave of optimism about the future of democracy. Today, however, a different reality has emerged as authoritarian regimes ...

    By Andrea Kendall-Taylor

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