CNAS has hosted a number of events on the civ-mil divide and published reports on topics including the effects of that divide on veteran employment.

Looking ahead, MVS plans to continue delving into the civ-mil divide and the role the humanities may play in bridging that divide. In addition, MVS is interested in researching the extent to which domestic policy decisions that affect many segments of US society may be becoming national security threats by shrinking the pool of eligible recruits from which the force of the future will be drawn.

Featured reports & analysis

Military, Veterans, & Society

Perceptions of the Military Community

Sharpening America’s strategic edge and sustaining the U.S. military advantage is about more than technology and budgets. Crucially, it is also about people: the soldiers, sai...

Military, Veterans, & Society

Leveraging ROTC to Span the Civil-Military Gap

Introduction and Executive Summary For just over 100 years, the Reserve Officers' Training Corps (ROTC) has stood at the intersection of the military and American society, ser...

Military, Veterans, & Society

Lost in Translation

Both employers and veterans benefit from the recent spotlight on the business case for hiring veterans. There is a great opportunity for business to leverage the training and ...

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CNAS has published reports and commentaries in previous years including comprehensive looks at the future of the all-volunteer force and the propensity of youth from military ...


CNAS has led the way in producing cutting-edge research on challenges facing veterans, including a series of local, state, and regional veteran needs assessments, reports on v...