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In recent years, CNAS has expanded its institutional footprint on the interconnected issues of domestic security, bolstering U.S. democracy, and supporting the rule of law. This body of work is now conducted under the organization’s Securing U.S. Democracy Initiative and includes projects facilitated through a combination of public engagement, private stakeholder convenings, and scholarly research and writing. Projects conducted under the umbrella of this initiative focus on protecting against domestic threats to security and public safety, including a high-level task force and report in 2022 focused on countering violent extremism among the military, veteran, and law enforcement communities.

In addition, the initiative includes a project devoted to providing recommendations for enhancing oversight and accountability in the Department of Homeland Security, and additional research on bolstering authorities, oversight and transparency related to intelligence activities, including surveillance, and cyber operations to protect the U.S. against evolving national security threats. In 2021, CNAS hosted public-facing virtual events focused on domestic terrorism and political violence and homeland security. Leading up to the presidential election of 2020, CNAS executed a high-impact, short term project on securing elections, which brought together academic and policy experts, a federal government leader and a state government leader to provide accurate and informed commentary on protecting elections from foreign interference. And, in 2018-2019, CNAS produced research and writing on the issue of intelligence oversight, including recommendations for improving congressional intelligence oversight as a mechanism of ensuring democratic accountability for intelligence activities.

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