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Securing Our 5G Future

Elsa B. Kania | November 07, 2019

Asia-Pacific Security

Imbalance of Power

In a new report, experts Daniel Kliman, Iskander Rehman, Kristine Lee, and Joshua Fitt evaluate trend lines in the India-China military equation and assess Delhi’s current mil...

Transatlantic Security

Not Enough Maritime Capability

Lt. Col. Colin Smith (USMC) and Jim Townsend outline the United States’ projected shortfalls in sealift capacity needed to reinforce Europe in a time of crisis....

Military, Veterans, & Society

From Sea to Shining Sea

In a new online tool, Carole House, Emma Moore, Brent Peabody, and Kayla Williams catalogue benefits for the veteran community offered by each state so that stakeholders can e...


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  1. Norway, NATO, and the High North with Norwegian State Secretary Audun Halvorsen
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  3. Andrea Kendall-Taylor Appears on Andrea Mitchell Reports
  4. Discussing Turkey’s Offensive Against the Kurds in Syria with Nick Heras

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