A Troubled Narrative

There is a military proverb that first reports from the battlefield are always wrong. Today's reporting from Fort Hood should be taken with that caveat, especially to the extent that we blame the shooter's short Iraq tour for his violent rampage....

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The Arctic’s Changing Landscape: Addressing New Maritime Challenges

Senior Coast Guard Fellow Linda Sturgis, Research Associate Joel Smith and Energy, Environment and Security Intern Isaiah Reed, all of CNAS, examine the Arctic region's changing landscape by addressing its new Maritime challenges. The authors...

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Blog: The Agenda

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April 7, 2014

Aloha Diplomacy: What the U.S.-ASEAN Defense Forum in Hawaii Could Achieve

Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel walks with defense ministers with the Association of South East Asian Nations in Honolulu, Hawaii April 1, 2014. Hagel held a round table meeting as well as visiting military bases around Honolulu showcasing the aid and support the United States can partner with the ASEAN nations. DoD Photo by Erin A. Kirk-...

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The Creative Disruption Task Force released the results of its second survey. View the infographic.