Ex-U.S. defense officials see danger in slashing Pentagon budgets

WASHINGTON, Sept 4 (Reuters) - Former top U.S. defense officials sounded an alarm over falling Pentagon spending on Thursday, warning that budget cuts had undermined military preparedness for future conflicts and were jeopardizing the U.S....

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Bringing the Fight Back Home: Western Foreign Fighters in Iraq and Syria

“Bringing the Fight Back Home” argues that the changing dynamics on the ground in Iraq are accelerating the urgency of the threat from the approximately 3,000 foreign fighters with Western passports, including the over 100 Americans. These...

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September 18, 2014

Deterrence, Reassurance, and Cost: Part 2

[Note: See Part 1 here]

China is not the new Soviet Union, of course.  The most salient difference is that the United States supports China’s re-integration into the international system as a productive participant.  This is...

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Retired Marine and CNAS Board of Directors Member Gen. John Allen will coordinate the broad international effort to battle the Islamic State militants, as the campaign against the extremist group ramps up and nations begin to determine what role each will play, the Associated Press reports.