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Technology is changing our lives. Rapid developments in artificial intelligence, autonomy and unmanned systems, digital infrastructure, networking and social media, and disinformation are profoundly altering the national security landscape. Nation-states have new tools at their disposal for political influence as well as new vulnerabilities to attacks. Authoritarian governments are empowered by high-tech tools of oppression and exploit radical transparency. Artificial intelligence and automation raise profound questions about the role of humans in conflict and war.

CNAS’ Technology and National Security program explores the policy challenges associated with these and other emerging technologies. A key focus of the program is bringing together the technology and policy communities to better understand these challenges and together develop solutions.

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Technology & National Security

Iranian and Chinese Drones Are Overwhelming American Warships—But This High-Tech Weapon Could Help Them Fight Back

On March 27, 2024, a U.S. warship in the Red Sea detected four radar tracks headed directly its way from Yemen. It fit the tell-tale pattern of drone attacks that Houthi rebel...

Technology & National Security

US-China competition to field military drone swarms could fuel global arms race

The unchecked spread of swarm technology “could lead to more instability and conflict around the world,” said Margarita Konaev, an analyst with Georgetown University’s Center ...

Technology & National Security

Ukraine's AI Drone Gamble

With machine vision, the objective is for the drone to find its way independently to its target, having learned to distinguish where it is in a given terrain. "The main goal i...

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