The CNAS Sharper series features curated analysis and commentary from CNAS experts on the most critical challenges in U.S. foreign policy. From the future of America's relationship with China to the state of U.S. sanctions policy and more, each collection will draw on the reports, interviews, and other commentaries produced by experts across the Center to explore how America can strengthen its competitive edge.

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Asia-Pacific Security

Sharper: The 5G Future

5th Generation (5G) telecommunications promises to be a foundational next-generation technology—and vital to enabling the next industrial revolution. The stakes in 5G are high...


Sharper: America's National Security Workforce

The greatest source of strength in American national security is the people who lead and serve within its institutions. The ongoing U.S. response to the global coronavirus out...

Asia-Pacific Security

Sharper: Global Coronavirus Response

As regions across the United States enforce states of emergency and a growing list of countries restrict travel, close schools, and quarantine citizens, the economic and human...


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